Examples of application

Process/Componen Application Device/System
hot stamping / press hardening part/die temperature monitoring/tailor tempering

MI3 / Endurance / MP150 / ThermoView / PH-Inspector

  part position control PC-Inspector
  destacking/centering CT-Inspector
hot melt application adhesive application monitoring HM-Inspector
engine test bench temperature monitoring MI3 / ThermoView
test vehicles tire, brake disc, internal motor space monitoring MI3
lacquer drying temperature monitoring of fixed and movable lacquer drying lines

MI3 / MP150 / ThermoView

thermoforming part/tool temperature monitoring TF150 / ThermoView
centrifugal casting mould outer casing monitoring

MI3 / MP150

pouring stream monitoring Endurance
hardening valve stem production, crankshaft bearing production

MI3 / Endurance

brake disc manufacturing trend analysis 100 % control MP150
welding weld seam inspection

MI3100 / Endurance / MP150

brake lining manufacturing adhesive application monitoring

Thermalert 4.0 / MP150 / ThermoView

soldering pipes for coolant

MI3100 / Endurance

friction welding plastics/fuel pipes

MI3 / Thermalert 4.0 / ThermoView

filter production hot melt application for air-filters MI3 / Thermalert 4.0
hot stamping/press hardening part/die temperature monitoring

MI3 / Thermalert 4.0

brake disc manufacturing powder coating (disposal coating) MI3 / Thermalert 4.0 / MP150 ThermoView
cold stamping sheet metal cold stamping (crack detection/drawn edge monitoring) DC-Inspector
forging drop forging crankshaft bearings, … (position & temperature monitoring) PC-Inspector / MI3 / ThermoView
window heating testing of the electrical rear window heating/front window heating ThermoView
seat heating testing of the electrical seat heating ThermoView
steering wheel heating testing of the electrical steering wheel heating ThermoView