Category: IR systems

Key features

Body temperature monitoring system
Body temperature monitoring system
  • Easy installation process (plug & play)
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Compact and mobile
  • Intelligent face recognition and tracking
  • Alarm signal (visual and acoustic)
  • Industrial IR camera
  • Dual screen mode

Product overview

The BT-Inspector is a plug & play system for non-contact body temperature surveillance. It combines a reliable industrial IR-Camera with an intelligent software for identity checks. The intuitive user interface does not require any prior knowledge.


The intelligent face recognition software allows the identification and tracking of a single person with an alleged higher body temperature*. This is also possible when a group of people is monitored. The stand-alone system is well-suited to easily and safely monitor entrances to businesses, hospitals, airports and such.


*This product is not suitable to diagnose an illness. It is a useful tool to monitor temperatures. The use of this system cannot replace the examination of a medical doctor. The degree of an illness should not be assessed solely from temperature measurements. This system only provides measurements of surface temperatures (facial skin), these differ from the core temperature of the body.