Key features

Process camera in alloy ladle (FC-Inspector)
Process camera / combustion chamber camera
  • robust process interior camera
  • combination of video & thermography
  • modern GigE camera connection
  • automated retraction unit
  • compact design
  • applicable up to 2000 °C while water- or air-cooled
  • open system for individual extensions

Product overview

The FC-Inspector enables a reliable video (real image) monitoring of combustion chambers/process furnaces.

The robust stainless steel camera unit is water-cooled and comes with a very effective air purge unit keep the disposable front window clear even under extreme adverse conditions. The application of high-speed lenses and modern digital cameras enables brilliant real-time imaging.

To studiously observe potential anomalies or process scenarios, the exposure times can easily be adjusted manually.

The open system layout allows the integration of further hard- and software features at any time.