IR sensors overview

Compact series

Raytek Infrarot Sensor Compact SerieTemperature range: -40 … 1800°C
Optical resolution: 2:1 … 100:1 (E/M)

Compact sensors, small and inexpensive, but extremely efficient with various optical and electrical properties. MI300 Series CQI-9 4th conforming.

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Thermalert series

Raytek Infrarot Sensor Thermalert SerieTemperature range: -40 … 2250°C
Optical resolution: 7:1 … 70:1

Digital high-performance sensors with efficient optical and electrical properties. Remote programmable sensing heads for the simple 2/4/6/12-conductor-installation (4-20mA). Perfectly suited for process control.

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Endurance series

Infrarotsensor der Serie IITemperature range: 50 ... 3200°C
Optical resolution: 75:1 ... 300:1 (E/M)

High-performance single color pyrometer and fiber optic pyrometer with through-the-lens sighting/camera, fast response time and high optical resolution.

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Marathon MM series

Raytek MM-Infrarotsensor (Marathon Serie)Temperature range: -40 ... 3000°C
Optical resolution: 70:1 ... 300:1 (E/M)

Electrically focusable single-channel pyrometer with laser, through-the-lens or video sighting, fast response time (1ms) and high optical resolution (up tp 300:1).

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Modline series

Raytek Infrarot Sensoren Modline SerieTemperature range: -50 … 3000°C
Optical resolution: 30:1 … 100:1

Ircon's self-contained, robust infrared thermometers solve your application with precise and replicable non-contact temperature measurement.

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MP150 LinescannerTemperature range: 20 … 1200°C
Optical resolution: 20:1 … 300:1 (E/M)

Temperature profile monitoring on moving objects for process control/regulation as well as quality control and hotspot detection on belt conveyors. CQI-9 4th conform

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stationary IR cameras

Raytek Infrarot Sensoren stationäre Infrarot KamerasTemperature range: -40 … 2000°C

Stationary online IR thermographic cameras and system solutions for the automated online process monitoring and quality assurance.

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