Compact series/Raytek

CM series

Raytek CM-Infrarotsensor (Compact Serie)Temperature range: -20 … 500°C
Optical resolution: 13:1 (E/M)

An inexpensive programmable compact sensor (M18x1) in a stainless steel housing. Thermoelement type j/K or 0-5VDC output; includes an integrated self diagnostic feature.

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MI3 series

Raytek MI3-Infrarotsensor (Compact Serie)Temperature range: -40 ... 1800°C
Optical resolution: 2:1 ... 100:1 (E/M)

The smallest with the most innovative multisensor design. The mini sensor (14x x 28 mm) has a stainless steel housing with separate electronic. Thermoelement type J/K/S, 0-10VDC or 0(4)-20mA output and bidirectional USB or RS485 interface. Communication box also as DIN rail design. All-digital OEM sensor head, even usable without the communication box. MI3100 Series CQI-9 Rev. 4 conforming.

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