Category: IR cameras/Fluke Process Instruments

Key features

  • Resolution (H x V): 1,3MP = 1280x1024 px /4MP = 2048x2048
  • Frame Rate: Up to 60 fps
  • Size: 42mm x 29mm x 29mm (without lens mount or connectors)
  • Spectral Range: 0,9 - 1,1 Mm
  • Temperature measuring range: 460-650°C / 750°-1100°C

Product overview

The SelVision CIR camera from Selmatec is a high-performance camera for reliable monitoring of high temperatures on metal surfaces. With a spectral range of 0.9 to 1.1 µm, this short-wavelength camera is able to measure temperatures in a range from 460°C to 1200°C. Thanks to a resolution of 1.3MP to 4MP and a frame rate of up to 60fps (and more with camera-internal windowing function) these cameras allow recordings of outstanding accuracy and quality.

The SelVision CIR Cameras are very robust. They integrate an air purge and they allow for the easy implementation of additional accessories.

As with our other products, this new camera series meets all requirements set out in the 4th edition of the CQI-9 standard for the evaluation of heat treatment systems.


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