ThermoView TV30

Category: IR cameras/Fluke Process Instruments

Key features

IR camera (ThermoView series)
IR camera (ThermoView series)

Key Specifications

  • Wide range of temperatures: -10 to 1300 °C (14 to 2372 °F), auto range scaling
  • Image resolution: 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels) or 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels)
  • Motorized remote focus
  • Multiple lens options available
  • LAN/Ethernet with PoE for communication with the thermal imager provide access to Ethernet, web server
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 50 °C (14 to 122 °F)
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 70 ºC (-4 to 158 ºF)
  • Air purge and accessories available

Product overview

The Thermoview TV30 Thermal Imager allows you to visualize and control your industrial process applications in a way you never thought possible. Monitoring temperatures in severe environments is easier than ever before. Pinpoint problems quickly, with multiple areas of interest (AOIs) and personalization options. Explore our two exceptional models-

  • TV30SA, you can detect abnormalities with flexible precision - and without the need for vulnerable computer equipment.
  • TV30-GE with ThermoView Software , designed for enhanced inspection capabilities including a true GigE Vision interface, allow for direct communication with programmers through standard applications like LabVIEW, MATLAB.


Built to work in the harshest environments

Our rugged and reliable IP67 housing is resilient and built to last, even in the harshest environments. With an air purge, watercooling jacket, and other accessories available, you can be sure your equipment will stand up to whatever is thrown at it.

Avoid downtime or costly repairs

Your business can’t afford downtime. You need to be able to observe your equipment at any time and make sure your operations run smoothly. Rest easy knowing your business is always running at peak efficiency! You’ll never have to worry about costly repairs or downtime again. The TV30 identifies defects and can alert you when any anomalies are detected.

Reduced installation cost and space savings

The Thermoview TV30 Thermal Imager provides process control and monitoring capabilities for industrial applications. The fixed thermal imager’s small footprint allows for easier installation, while multiple fieldbus options simplify integration with your existing process controllers and external devices. Also, the system seamlessly integrates multi-camera streaming, allowing real-time saving of high-frame-rate images or videos. It supports simultaneous online and offline viewing with comprehensive analytics like (image subtraction, isotherms, histograms), enabling independent, continuous, intermittent, and remote temperature evaluation. The TV30 is a rugged product for the industrial applications Fluke Process Instruments has been serving for years.

ThermoView Software

No additional software required

Thermal imaging is more accessible than ever. With the TV30, you can set up your thermal imaging system without the restraints of being constantly connected to a personal computer. The TV30 is an edge-based device, meaning you can monitor multiple areas of interest and access onboard analytics of the fixed thermal imager through a web browser.

And set up is a headache-free process. Connect to the TV30 IP address from a remote web browser, set your parameters, and begin the tracking process.

TV30SA Web Browser

The user interface can be accessed remotely via a web browser on the same network. The web interface runs on board the camera and can be used to make configuration changes or view analytics:

  • It does not require special software
  • Create less IT hassle
  • Improves ease of use
  • Reduces number of trips required to site
  • No physical access is required to devices in potentially dangerous environments.
Model overview
Spectral response
Temperature range Optical resolution Frame rate
8...14 µm
-10...1300°C 320x240 pixel 9Hz / 60Hz
8...14 µm
-10...1300°C 640x480 pixel 9Hz / 60Hz

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