Modline series

Modline 4

IRCON / Modline 4 PyrometerTemperature range: -50 … 1300°C
Optical resolution: 30:1 (E/M)

The Modline 4 system provides six different spectral ranges for a wide variety of applications. Modline 4 has an integrated two-wire transmitter with an output of 4 to 20 mA direct current linear to the temperature.

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Modline 7

Raytek / IRCON Modline 7Temperature range: -40 … 3000°C
Optical resolution: 100:1 ... 300:1 (E/M)

The infrared thermometer Modline 7 is equipped with the latest developments of the infrared technology and therefore provides a wide measuring range which makes this pyrometer as versatile.

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