MP series

Category: Linescanner/Raytek

Key features

Raytek MP300 thermo camera (Linescanner)
Raytek MP150 thermo camera (Linescanner)
  • High scanning speed of 300 lines per second
  • up to 1024 measuring points per line
  • wide range of spectral and temperature ranges
  • high quality scanner motor with MTBF 40.000 h
  • integrated Ethernet TCP/IP interface
  • PC independent alarm output
  • PC independent 4-20 mA interfaces (3 outputs)
  • I/O module support for up to 10 sectors/zones (PC independent)
  • internal line laser as sighting aid
  • robust IP65 housing
  • air purge attachment to maintain a clean measuring window
  • ingerated water cooling

Product overview

Many industries are continuously working to increase their process speeds. This means equally increasing demands on the respective measuring systems. In the production of structural parts in the automotive industry, for example, high-speed feeders for component transport require extremely high measuring frequencies of imaging temperature measurement systems.

Due to ongoing exchange with our customers and cooperation with our partner FLUKE Process Instruments, we are able to offer you a broad portfolio of
state-of-the-art sensors.

The newly developed MP300 with its doubled line frequency of 300 HZ will continue to ensure full-area, high-resolution component inspection in the future - even at extreme process speeds. Upgrading to a new scanner model also benefits standard measuring systems by improving the detailed
display of the temperature profile.

Raytek DataTemp® DP

The MP300 thermal line-scanner can be used in standalone mode, connected to a single PC or integrated into a comprehensive process control system using DataTemp® DP, an industrial Windows® software package, that provides remote configuration of the imager and real-time monitoring of the process. Utilizing the OPC Server functionality of the DataTemp DP software, the line-scanner becomes an integral part of any OPC compliant Distributed Control Interface (DCI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) system. In all cases, the MP300 provides real-time monitoring and control capabilities.

Model overview

Optical scan rate: max 300 Hz

Field of View: 90°

Focus: 1.52 m (4.9 ft) standard; custom focuses available

Emissivity: 0.1 … 1.0 digitally adjustable


  • 256 per scan line up to 300 Hz
  • 512 per scan line up to 160 Hz
  • 1024 per scan line up to 80 Hz

Signal processing: Max, Min, AVG, Peak/Valley Hold, Alarm setpoints; further signal processing function configurable through software