1D Scan

Temperaturprofilmessung, IR 1D ScanProfile temperature monitoring

The IR 1D Scan system performs the profile temperature monitoring PC-independent. By being able to integrate all of our available pyrometers (incl. two color pyrometers) the system can be used for low as well as for high temperature measurements.

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2D Scan

Brandfrüherkennung; Überwachung statischer Produktions- und Anlagenteile, IR 2D ScanEarly fire detection: Supervision of static production and plant components

The IR 2D Scan system was developed for the temperature monitoring of storage facilities (waste bunkers, fuel storage halls etc.) as well as static production and plant components.
Therefore a MP150 infrared linescanner was mounted on an industrial tilt unit.

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BT-Inspector Zugangskontrolle KörpertemperaturüberwachungBody temperature monitoring

The BT-Inspector is perfectly designed for the safe and simple monitoring of entrances to companies, shops, hospitals, airports, etc. The intelligent face recognition software allows the identification and tracking of a single person with an elevated body temperature* even if a group of people is monitored…

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Hotmelt Auftragsüberwachung / KontrolleMonitoring of hot melt adhesive application facilities

Hot melt adhesive application monitoring allows a reliable, continiuous application inspection on hot melt adhesive surface application facilities (Adhesive Scan HT).

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Kiln Blaster

Ofeninnenraum-Temperaturüberwachung, Kiln BlasterTemperature monitoring system for extreme enviromental conditions

Reliable, low-maintenance temperature monitoring under extreme adverse enviromental conditions. As a robust substitute for fragile thermoelements with ceramic/steel protection tubes.

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Überwachungssystem für Formhärte / Formpress - AnlagenInline Temperature Measurement / Control of hot stamping lines/press hardening lines

The PH-Inspector monitores each manufactured component before and after the press including all system parameters of the oven and the press when necessary. The accuracy of the temperature mesaurement fully meets the CQI-9 4th requirements.

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Solar Panel check SolaranlagenüberwachungWith this system photovoltaic modules can be tested for function and errors and examined on different error images.

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TP Inspector

Thermische Überwachung fahrender Torpedopfannen, IR TP InspectorThermal monitoring of torpedo cars

The TP-Inspector system serves the purpose of full-surface thermal inspection system for torpedo cars and therfore supports the travel planning/optimization of these containers.

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RAYTEK / Fluke Process Instruments IR systems

Raytek CS210

Hotmelt Auftragsüberwachung / Kontrolle

Monitoring of rotary kiln sheath temperatures

Continous scanning and visualization of the sheath surface incl. various options for alarms and control of cooling units.

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Raytek EC150

Extrusions-Überwachungssystem, Raytek EC150Extrusion coating process imaging system

Extrusion, co-extrusion and laminating monitoring system for the inline film monitoring of extrusion zones.

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Raytek ES150

Extrusions-Überwachungssystem, Raytek EC150Sheet extrusion process imaging system

Extrusion, co-extrusion and laminating monitoring system for the inline film monitoring of extrusion zones.

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Raytek GS150

Temperaturüberwachungssystem für beschichtetes Glas, Raytek GS150LETemperature monitoring system for coated glass

The GS150 system was developed especially for applications ind the glass industry, particularly for glass bending, forming, annealing and tempering. The GS150LE Thermal Imaging System for Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass is specifically designed to monitor and optimize the tempering process of one-side coated flat glass.

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Raytek TIP900

Thermoforming-Überwachungssystem, Raytek TF150Wallboard profiling system

Thermal imaging and non-contact profiling system for the monitoring of different temperatures of wallboards.

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Raytek TF150

Thermoforming-Überwachungssystem, Raytek TF150

Thermoforming process imaging system

Thermal imaging system to visualize the temperature distribution in thermoforming processes.


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