APM Application Module

Category: IR systems

Key features

APM Application Module
APM Application Module
  • Power supply: 24VDC / 0.5A
  • Housing: Compact module for top-hat rail mounting
  • Triple port: GigE camera, web server, OPC/ProfiNet
  • Configurable function / assignment
  • Status indication via LED

Product overview

The APM module is a compact and flexible smart platform developed for GigE cameras. The first firmware software applications independently support our IR cameras for flexible monitoring. Thanks to the powerful microcontrollers, processes and systems can be monitored in real time.

If required, visualization can be performed through a web browser, facilitated by the integrated web server. Configuration is also conducted via a web browser, with password protection to ensure security.

Users can intuitively define Regions of Interest (ROIs) within the image, using points, lines, or areas, and apply calculations and threshold values. The results can be transmitted via digital outputs, OPC-UA, or ProfiNet.

Additionally, digital inputs, OPC-UA, or ProfiNet can be used for system coupling and process synchronization.

Optionally, alarm notifications via email or voice call can be enabled with network connectivity, ensuring autonomous monitoring even in remote locations.