Kategorie: IR-Systeme

Key features:

Thermische Inline Überwachung
Thermische Inline Überwachung
  • Full-surface thermal inline monitoring of temperatures
  • Order specific process management tool
  • Maximum temperature measuring accuracy by using shortwave IR-Linescanners
  • Easy to handle / coherent software layout
  • Auto reporting functions
  • Open system concept for measuring points or software extensions
  • Interface connection e.g. via OPC to controls provided by the customer


On strip processes, our HS-inspector system enables a reliable all-over thermal adherence to process instructions, including an auto-mated inline alerting/unload demand in case of nonobservance of the adjustable temperature frames.

By embedding the oven and press control via OPC and archiving all process data, anomalies are not only recognized and alarmed, troubleshooting is also greatly simplified.

If required, a web server visualizes the data acquisition software on the entire intranet. Due to the integrated recipe management the tool change requires no further intervention as the system automatically resorts to stored tool-specific test recipes.

Various incycle telegrams to communicate with higher level systems are available for industry 4.0 applications. The open system layout enables the integration of further hard– and software features at any time.