Kategorie: IR-Systeme

Key Features

Thermische Inline Überwachung
Thermische Inline Überwachung
  • Early detection of process anomalies
  • Ideal for process optimization (adjustment of setpoint temperature curve)
  • Intuitive software layout
  • Archiving of the temperature curves / alarms
  • Measurement point visualization customizable
  • Open system layout for measuring points or software extensions
  • Interface connection e.g. via OPC to customer controls


Our MI-Inspector system enables a reliable thermal adherence to process instructions, including an automated inline alerting/unload demand in case of nonobservance of the adjustable temperature frames.

The MI-Inspector system can be used to monitor various production facilities, as the system is manually adapted to the customer's re-quirements.
By integrating process data via OPC, anomalies can be clearly assigned to orders and running meters. A web server visualizes the da-ta acquisition software on the entire intranet if required.

For Industry 4.0 applications, various incycle telegrams are available for communication with higher-level systems. Thanks to the open system layout, further hardware and software functions as well as additional sensors can be retrofitted at any time if required.