Combustion chamber camera system for the inline monitoring of process kilns/heat-producing appliances

The FC-Inspector enables a reliable video (real image) monitoring of combustion chambers/process furnaces. While water- or air-cooled the camera unit is applicable in ambient temperatures up to 2000 °C.

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Monitoring of the centering & active centering (Destacking/Centering)

The system enables detecting and monitoring x-/y-axis shifts and rotation angles and transmitting them to a downstream conveyor system (e.g. robot) as adjustament values for an automatic position correction.

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Inline drawn edge monitoring & rupture control (cold stamping lines)

The system provides a cycle time neutral inline monitoring of the spreading behaviour and an AI-based crack detection. Therefore plant- or material-specific anomalies can be detected, alerted and stopped fast.

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Inline position control (hot / cold stamping)

The system enables a secure realtime position control of the components on the tool and a Werkzeug-Freiprüfung (forgotten toolsm, fallen off rocker arms). This prevents emergency stops as well as expensive tool damages.

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