Key features

GM Inspector for inline geometry monitoring for stretching systems
Software view
  • Accurate/transparent geometries monitoring

  • Precise tracking of components in a temperature range between 550-1250°C.

  • Real time monitoring, recipe storage and comparison

  • Versatile integration option with a wide range of interfaces

  • Can be paired with Selvision CIR cameras.

  • Fully scalable system


Product overview

With our GM-Inspector, we aim to prevent geometrical defects, by optimizing error detection, as well as stretching profiling. This solution, comprising of a dedicated software, a CIR-Camera and robust housing, is designed to serve as an inline monitoring system for automated stretching lines. It can easily be installed in your plant and customized according to steel requirements (e.g. material tolerance, dimensions, etc) to monitor temperature, pre-stretch control, force, position control during molding, post-stretch control in the automated stretching unit and more!

The target geometries / dimensions of the components can be recorded, monitored and logged in a temperature range between 550-1250°C. Furthermore, this system helps to sustainably improve the production and storage of recipes, as well as comparison of different recipe versions stored in the system.

All in all, thanks to real-time, inline assessment, you can easily perform timely adjustments, minimizing the need for time-consuming and energy-intensive rework, thus ensuring sustainable processes, optimizing future production and improving product quality.

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