Key features

Roller hearth furnace interior monitoring
Roller hearth furnace interior monitoring
  • Real-time interior monitoring
  • Control of the blank movement
  • Monitoring of the rollers
  • Monitoring of the radiant tubes
  • Optional temperature measurement
  • air / water cooling
  • Axial and angled optics available
  • ...

Product overview

The RF-Inspector system is perfect for various industries that rely on high-temperature processes, but it is highly optimized for heat treatment in the automotive industry. The system includes customizable options to monitor specific areas of interest on a blank, which ensures optimal production efficiency, improves product quality, and reduces costly downtime.

With our advanced water/air cooled camera and software, the RF-Inspector system offers a reliable and efficient solution to monitor the furnace from the inside. With this technology you can not only control the location of blanks in the furnace with ease, condition of rolls and radiant tubes, but also enables you to get live data feed from the furnace chamber. Thanks to the level of detail, we aim to give our users the agency to quickly make informed decisions and improve their operations.

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