From ore to steel: We can improve rail car thawing. Here's how!

We know how important a reliable thawing process is for unloading bulk materials. To increase energy efficiency and avoid unnecessary delays, we recommend using the MI3 series digital pyrometer.

This reliable, rugged sensor is not only cost effective (offering the lowest cost per measurement point), but also outperforms larger alternatives. The MI3 can support up to 8 individually addressable heads per communication box, yet it is easy to install and troubleshoot. Explosive atmospheres at the workplace can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapors, or by combustible dust, but they are no problem for MI3. The Raytek MI3 ATEX/IECEx certified sensors can be used safely to monitor the right temperature in such explosive processes. All standard MI3 and MI3100 heads can be ordered with optional ATEX/IECEx certification. One specifically provided Ex-proof power supply can be used with 2 sensing heads.

As the video shows, by positioning MI3 pyrometers in a defrosting station, you get uninterrupted temperature feedback until the rail car is warmed up and ready to be unloaded. The possible interfaces (Profinet, RS485, Profibus, Modbus, (0/4..20mA, ...) allow easy integration into existing systems.

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