Monitoring coke batteries: Robust devices make a difference!

There are applications and locations that demand a lot from the sensors. For example, coke batteries are definitely a big challenge for the use of IR pyrometers due to extreme temperatures, contamination and inaccessibility. These conditions demand robust and reliable sensor technology/ accessories suitable for steelworks.

Our recommendation for coke battery processes is the Endurance E1ML. When equipped with the “Thermo-Jacket” (a rugged and cooled protective housing that includes a sighting tube), this pyrometer can be positioned in the harsh environment of the coke battery (as shown in the video) and withstand up to 315°C to monitor the temperature of the coke as it is pushed out of the battery.

The Thermojacket features:

  • Rugged cast aluminum housing withstands ambient temperatures up to 315ºC (599ºF).
  • Thermal and mechanical environmental protection
  • Air/water cooling and air purge in one unit

Monitoring the temperature of the coke to observe that it remains within acceptable limits is not only necessary to maintain the high quality of the product, but also to help detect problems in the plant at an early stage, thus avoiding costly damage.

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