How to improve sheet centering in roller hearth furnaces?

In press hardening lines, sheets that are massively misaligned at the furnace outlet repeatedly pose a problem for the centering capability. This effect is often linked to the type of material and shape of the sheets, as well as contamination of the furnace rollers. The sheets become misaligned as they travel through the furnace, which later prevents them from being centered. As a result, the parts may be scrapped or the plant is forced to stop.

With our SelVision systems we are able to offer a solution that reduces the risk of misalignment. As the video shows, by positioning an MP150 line scanner at the end of the furnace, the system is able to determine the angle of deviation. According to these values, optimized depositing coordinates are transferred to the loading robot in front of the furnace so that it can place the sheets in a way that is congruent with its properties. This end-of-line feedback can significantly improve centering capability.

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