Struggling with scalability for your Hot Stamping systems? We've Got You Covered!

Manufacturing a car for peak performance is no easy task, hence why precision is paramount at all stages of the hot stamping process. Every detail—from blank alignment to temperature control—will make a crucial difference, not only in your plant’s workflow, but also in product quality and material efficiency.

This is why at Selmatec we aim to provide a single solution to the multiple problems and challenges of hot stamping: the PH-Inspector, a modular system designed to simplify data collection, communication and improve your operations as per your business need.

The PH-Inspector offers a range of modules to support everything from basic tracking to advanced data mining:

  • Position Control
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Process Data Acquisition
  • Blank Identification
  • Part Identification
  • PLC Setpoint Changelog
  • Stamp Identification
  • Part Status Tracking


Simplifying data management improves the traceability of your processes and your product quality

Depending on the particular needs of your plant, you can mix and match modules as needed, ensuring real-time monitoring and future scalability. As your business grows and adapts, you can effortlessly add new modules to maintain peak performance. Whether you're managing furnace entry or tracking part status, the PH-Inspector modules ensure transparency and traceability at every stage.

One of the key strengths of the modules is the interconnected data system.

This strategy ensures you never lose sight of the action, with automated reports and predictive scenarios providing valuable insights for current operations and future maintenance. Plus, data can be compiled in various formats for comprehensive analysis.

In-cycle MQTT protocols enable the free flow of information between the modules and other 3rd party systems. This provision of component-specific synchronized data provides a huge advantage in the precision of simulations and forms a solid database for machine learning and AI-Applications

Do you have an overview of more than 1000 line parameters with every product changeover on the line? Use our Setpoint Manager to make yourself aware of just the few changed parameters before you start production.

With easy integration, this system empowers your team with actionable data, facilitating proactive decision-making and continuous improvement. Compliant with CQI-9 standards, it guarantees not just compliance but enhanced operational efficiency.

Start with Essentials, Expand as Needed. We recommend beginning with our "starter" setup, which includes essential modules like position and temperature control. This setup can be expanded with additional devices such as line scanners, pyrometers, and cameras for enhanced functionality.

We invite you to contact our engineers and explore your optimization possibilities.

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