Category: IR systems

Key features

Formhärtelinien Inspektionssystem
Hot stamping line inspection system
  • full CQI-9 Rev. 4 conformity of the IR temperature measurement
  • recording independent of PLC cycle times
  • support for tailored tempering
  • monitoring of transfer zones, independent of sheet position
  • support of IR line scanners, IR thermal imaging cameras and pyrometers
  • can be combined with SelVision camera solutions (position control, destacking, etc)
  • in cycle protocols for the connection with higher-level QS systems
  • automated report feature
  • open system for an individual extension

Product overview

The system is designed for the thermal inline monitoring at hot stamping lines/press hardening lines. By the specific selection of suitable measuring devices it fully meets the CQI-9 standard. Intelligent features like the monitoring of sheets after the furnace, independent of position, enables the integration to roller hearth furnaces, the safe monitoring of transfer zones and temperature for tailor tempering processes.

The finishing touch regarding the functionality is provided by the process data acquisition and the data management including an automated press report creation. Through data mining we are even able to generate predicting reports to deliver indications for future tool maintenance.


Can be used for door ring monitoring

Track components regardless of position

Example: PH-Inspector used for stabilization bar monitoring

General simulation