Take your Industrial monitoring to the next level with our new TV30-GE IR Camera series!

Thanks to our partner Fluke Instruments, we are happy to welcome the game changing TV30-GE Series into our portfolio. The GE Series camera is a device for thermal imaging coupled with the powerful ThermoView software that provides precise monitoring of temperature-sensitive processes and aids in quality control, as well as safety of any industry.

Unlike other available devices, it facilitates a direct interaction between programmers and camera via standard applications like LabVIEW and MATLAB, simplifying integration and customization within a larger system. This is crucial for high-paced and ever-changing environments where adaptation is key to secure a solid profit margin.

The TV30-GE integrates with the ThermoView software, from multi-camera streaming to real-time analytics, to help you make informed decisions. Whether it's detecting anomalies early in the process or providing real-time imaging, our system ensures that every aspect of the operation is meticulously monitored and managed.

By choosing Selmatec, we provide you with extra benefits!

At Selmatec we aim to offer not only products but a comprehensive solution for advance monitoring. The GE Camera Series is fully compatible with our systems, which can be customized to suit the varied requirements of your business. Additionally, with a range of specialized accessories available, including air purges and water-cooling systems, we stand ready to tackle even the most challenging environments.

We understand that every industrial application comes with unique challenges. We invite you to discover the GE Series with us, discussing your specific application with our specialists to find the appropriate solution for your requirements.

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