Hot melt adhesive application monitoring (surface application)

Category: IR systems

Key features

Hot glue application monitoring
  • high scanning speed up to 300 lines per second
  • up to 2048 discrete measuring points along one measuring line
  • high system availability
  • variable interfaces for a PLC connection (also upgradable on old facilities)
  • control of hot melt feeding pumps

Product overview

The HM-Inspector enables a continuous all-over monitoring of the hot glue application through extrusion dies or kiss rolls.

The system also supports the use of multiple sensors (linescanner) for instance to increase the resolution on wider web coatings. Even with less-than-ideal application head settings like asymmetrical applications the system reliably recognizes anomalies (trapped air or hot melt accumulations). A zone feature also allows the inteference of any sequential hot melt feeding pumps.