Now with ATEX and IECEx certifications!

Some materials have particular properties that standard devices can’t handle. This is why we carefully assess every requirement to make sure our clients have the ideal product for the task.

At Selmatec we are concerned with providing solutions that not only excel in terms of accuracy, but also in terms of efficiency and practicality.

Blanks do not move on the exact same path during transport in roller hearth furnaces, hence why thorough tracking is essential to obtain accurate thermal information.

Working with extremely hot materials and hostile environments can be very problematic, not only for your devices but also for your economy.

A cooling phase does not guarantee that the temperature of the sinter will be evenly lowered by the end of the process.

The fine particles of iron ore that will create the sinter must be heated on the band to form a semi-sturdy sinter cake. With the aid of thermography, you can control this process every step of the way.

The amount of events happening simultaneously in a production line can be overwhelming. This is how visual cues can improve your experience.

Regardless of difficulty, there is no excuse to achieve proper monitoring. Find out our strategy for kiln bearings here.

Different car parts have different requirements, and proper monitoring gives you the advantage of producing high quality products.