There are applications and locations that demand a lot from the sensors. For example, coke batteries are definitely a big challenge for the use of IR pyrometers due to extreme temperatures, contamination and inaccessibility.

We know how important a reliable thawing process is for unloading bulk materials. We help you by increasing energy efficiency and avoiding unnecessary delays.

In press hardening lines, sheets that are massively misaligned at the furnace outlet repeatedly pose a problem for the centering capability.

The process to create glass fibers for glass wool has to be properly monitored, not only to ensure the thermal insulation properties of the final product, but also to avoid machine damage.

Thanks to the support of Fluke Process Instruments we will provide fundamental data in this section to broaden your expertise on the topics of infrared and thermal profiling technology.

We know the struggle: making your service partner understand exactly what you mean without them being able to see, touch and interact with objects can be a real challenge. To improve this, we offer an alternative.

Due to the different conditions in hot rolling, some processes will require specific devices that, unlike traditional options, are able to measure more accurately despite hostile conditions and airborne contaminants.

In many production plants it is important to collect data from a single line.

By installing it at key entrances you can detect potentially sick individuals that could endanger a crowd.

Ensure that the materials in your production line are always in the correct position to avoid delays and mistakes.