In the steel industry, products demand vastly different manufacturing techniques to achieve optimal results. At Selmatec, we want to make sure that you are covered on every single area.

At Selmatec, we know that time and temperature determine the success of heat treatment, but simply focusing on these factors is not enough. We aim to go the extra mile so you can always guarantee excellent parameters for hardness, strength and toughness.

When it comes to safety standards, every detail matters and there’s always room to improve. Today we want to provide an answer for Final acceptance test (FAT) in heated windshield / rear windows production, a challenging part of the vehicle that not only must provide reliable clear visibility, but also withstand considerable environmental stress.

Understanding emissivity is the key to creating a high-quality product in the plastic industry, especially when working with transparent foil. Select optimal measurement devices and ensure temperature readings are not affected by external influences!

At Selmatec, we strive to develop monitoring solutions that grow with your needs. Our PH-Inspector is modular and offers customizable module extensions.

Discover the new possibilities in the realm of advanced thermal imaging technology. The GE Series, a new series of TV30 cameras, is now available in our portfolio!

Elevate electric vehicle battery production safety with Selmatec's TV30 Series IR Cameras. Swiftly detect defects, ensuring precise assembly and minimizing risks with powerful monitoring strategy.

Discover Selmatec's advanced thermal monitoring solution with LIR, TV 33/36 cameras for reliable critical system oversight. Integrated with our Intelligent Application Module (APM), it automates management, providing real-time alerts and streamlined monitoring and enhance your industrial performance and mitigating potential accidents like never before.

At Selmatec, we understand the diverse needs of modern industrial plants. That's why we provide a comprehensive range of machine vision solution options tailored to meet your diverse needs to address various monitoring challenges effectively.

From flexible deployment options to scalable solutions, we have the expertise and technology to optimize your plant operations to the next level.

Improve your heat treatment process with our robust CIR or SWIR cameras, designed for precise measurement of hot metals at different temperature ranges. Select the ideal one for your specific needs and the results will speak for themselves.