IR 1D Scan

Category: IR systems

Key features

1D Scan Temperaturprofilmessung
1D Scan temperature profile monitoring
  • temperature range: -40 … 3000 °C*
  • scan angle: up to 120° (adjustable)
  • adjustable scanning speed
  • displaying the spot position using a laser spot*
  • high-quality, reliable industrial drive
  • high system availability

* depending on the selected pyrometer


Product overview

With the IR-1D-Scan sensor unit, large areas can be scanned and evaluated in a very short time with just one tilting movement.

The system can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from heat treatment of metal sections (e.g. railway tracks) to the detection of excess temperature in the production of paper / tissue.

The system is fully customizable. It can be expanded at any time or adapted according to changing requirements.