Key features

Lagekontrolle & Werkzeug-Freiprüfung
Position control & Die Empy Check
  • cycle time neutral images
  • realtime evaluation (no press emergency stop)
  • tool specific testing criteria
  • easy and fast recipe creation
  • in cycle protocolls for the connection to higher-level QS systems
  • open system for an individual extension

Product overview

The PC-Inspector enables a reliable detection of the exact component position in a manufacturing process. The system works as fast no process delays occur and at the same time provides a high training/user friendliness. The system makes a reliable quality assurance, the protection of your tools and a high line availability possible.

Prevent tool damages due to the integrable Die Empy Check which makes it possible to alert foreign objects on tool surfaces and inhibits the closing of the press.

Due to the integrated recipe management the tool change requires no further intervention as the system automatically resorts to stored tool-specific test reciepes.

For industry 4.0 applications different telegrams for communicating with higher level systems are available.

The open system layout allows the integration of further hard- and software features at any time.