2D Scan

Category: IR systems

Key features

2D Scan Brandfrüherkennung
2D Scan early fire detection
  • fast scanning of large surfaces (e.g. 30 x 60 m in 15 seconds)
  • sturdy, approved sensor technology and tilt unit
  • high system availability
  • open interfaces to connect withe the fire alarm control panel
  • complete remote configurable & monitored tilt unit
  • up to 8 sensor units connected to one system
  • PC-independent alerting
  • high resolution

Product overview

With the IR 2D Scan sensor units large surfaces can be collected and evaluated in a minimum of time with just one tilt movement.

Different tasks can be performed with different linescanners. Which mkes the system not only suitable for the supervision of storage facilities but also for the supervsion and the control of e.g. cooling bed in the steel industry.

The modular system can be extended or adjusted to changing demands at any time.