Category: IR systems

Key features

Torpedopfannen Inspektionssystem
Torpedo Car inspection system
  • thermal inspection system for torpedo cars
  • exact assessment of the state of the lining with alerting when extending the maximum temperature threshold
  • optimization of the maintenance cycle of the torpedo cars
  • seperate trend monitoring/traceability for individual topedo cars - analysis tool
  • event logging (overall and car-specific) and reporting tool
  • interface connection to data system provided by the customer for the transmission of process parameters
  • visualization via web server access

Product overview

The system is designed for the thermal inline monitoring of torpedo cars This enables preventing damages to utilities and staff and make exact statements about the state of the lining. A data collection/evaluation software acquires the measurement results of the IR linescanners and generates an alert in case the presset measurement limit is exceted.

As an option, diverse process parameters (e.g. weight, travel, last maintenance, ...) can be captured and stored for every generated thermal image of a torpedo car. A web interface visualizes the data acquisition and evaluation software in the whole intranet and and can also be operated.

Thanks to robust protective casings made of stainless steel the IR linescanners can be operated directly at railway tracks.