Kiln Blaster

Category: IR systems

Key features

Feuerraum Temperaturmessung (Kiln Blaster)
Combustion chamber temperature measurement
  • temperature range: 250 … 2300 °C*
  • long durability
  • pulse pressure-resistant IR pyrometer
  • low-maintenance
  • temperature resistant stainless steel sighting tube

* depending on the selected pyrometer


Product overview

The Kiln Blaster provides durable, low-maintenance non-contact temperature measurement under extreme measurement conditions. The Kiln Blaster is used in cases where thermoelements made of ceramic/steel tubes show a very high wear, or when classic pyrometer solutions get noticeably dirty. Especially during the integration of a SNCR procedure into combustion processes the Kiln Blaster is a dependable temperature measuring point. The Kiln Blaster is extremely well-suited to measure hot meal and hot gas.
The Kiln Blaster includes a set of pyrometers that you can choose from with different measuring/spectral ranges, and an air cannon that allows the sighting tube to stay clean. The use of selected pulse pressure-resistant and temperature resistant components allows an uncompromising continuous use of the process monitoring station.

Worn thermocouples
Worn thermoelements

Refrain from extensive maintenence and high replacement costs and try out our Kiln Blaster.