Category: Vision systems

Key features

SelVision Zentriersystem
SelVision centering system
  • maximal resistance to background light
  • cycle time neutral images
  • tool specific testing criteria
  • easy and fast recipe creation
  • in cycle protocolls for the connection to higher-level QS systems
  • open system for an individual extension

Product overview

The CT-Inspector enables a reliable component centering and monitoring of the exact component position through component outline detections in a manufacturing process. Adjustment data of the individual components can be transmitted to a robot or feeder/transfer system by using destacking/centering applications to ensure a 100% repeatable stacking position in the downstream process.

The system works as fast nearly no process delay occur and at the same time provides a high training/user friendliness.

Due to the integrated recipe management the tool change requires no further intervention as the system automatically resorts to stored tool-specific test reciepes.

If needed the open system layout allows the integration of further hard- and software features at any time.