By installing it at key entrances you can detect potentially sick individuals that could endanger a crowd.

Ensure that the materials in your production line are always in the correct position to avoid delays and mistakes.

Make sure that your objects are always in their intended position to avoid severe equipment damage.

Thanks to the feedback from our customers and the achievement of new milestones we have created a new portfolio of the most modern sensors and customizable software solutions optimized for glass applications.

A new partnership to support our turkish customers.

To be able to support our North American customers even better, we have laid an important foundation.

In the food industry you will find many standards to regulate and ensure the quality and purity of your products. There are several options, which are often associated with high costs and unwanted compromises, such as shutting down the plants during the installation of quality control systems.


Non-contact infrared pyrometers ensure the immediate and effective determination of temperatures of fast moving measurement objects. In our latest application report you will learn more about our solutions for the different processes in the plastics industry, details about the different absorption bands of plastics, as well as suitable sensor types for your material.

Find the right pyrometer for your project. With this app you can easily calculate/select the right optics for the appropriate device.